Elite Test & Training has developed three separate tests for badminton players.
After having set up the test unit and the sensors you can begin testing. From the start menu you can choose between all three tests and when the test session is completed the results are automatically stored.
The unique feature in the different Moller tests is the use of simulated badminton actions (SBAs) and sensors. A player activates a sensor in the same way that he/she would hit a normal shuttlecock and therefore performs a SBA. Since the sensors are always placed in the same way we are able to simulate badminton duels of equal length and difficulty and then compare the results.
The three tests have been thoroughly analyzed and they are the first tests in the world to demonstrate a clear relation between a badminton player’s results in a test and his/her skill level – i.e. his/her place on the BWFs World Rankings.
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All tests use the Moller Test Unit and are included in the standard package