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A very important – some would argue the most important – part of testing is the results.
In the tests we measure different things and therefore get results with varying degrees of detail.
For a Moller Speed test, it is useful to get the individual times of each of the 20 test actions and for that reason when the test is complete, the player will be presented with a results screen that shows all details.
The player will be able to see any outliers and also identify the test actions where he might have made a  mistake or mistimed your movement.

Since there are four active sensors, the information is sorted by sensor and the player will also be able to track the test actions by the number they appear in the test sequence.


For the Moller Endurance test, the end result the player gets is a combination of the level reached and information of any mistakes made during the test – i.e. wrong sensors hit.
Since this test continues even if the wrong sensor is activated, the players will get useful information regarding where the typical mistakes  are made.
Many players will use a heart rate monitor while performing this test, and after completion the pulse can be entered alongside the test result.


The Moller Concentration test delivers a useful result.
The players will get information regarding the number of levels they have completed and how far in the test sequence they got, and this is sufficient to use as a bench mark.

All results are saved in the test unit, so when a player comes back to perform another test it will be possible to compare with previously obtained results. It is also possible to compare results with other players and  track the development over the course of a season.

Players can also export their data to a USB drive, and coaches and trainers can extract data for later use in a separate program or training planning tool.

For all players – but especially elite players - the results will give an objective status of the current form.
Since the tests results are always based on the same criteria, the players will be able to track their own performance and use this valuable information to get success where it really matters – on the court.