A lot of time, work and effort go into the construction of a Moller Test unit. We use a number of carefully selected partners, each with expertise in their own field to ensure the highest quality and durability of the test units. From the rubber coating on the stands to the electronics in the sensors – everything is constructed to make sure the readings are accurate and the equipment can withstand the wear and tear that comes with daily use.

Since an important part of all the tests are functional badminton movements, we created a sensor which can bear up to the heavy impact of a direct hit from a badminton racquet. Therefore all the electronic components of a sensor are placed in handcrafted aluminum casing. Much like the principle of exchanging a used shuttlecock to a new in a game situation, the tube part of the sensor can be easily replaced when it has been in use for a while. All test units are delivered with an ample supply of sensor tubes and we can quickly deliver more upon request if needed.
The stands are constructed from steel. The combination of weight and sturdiness makes steel an ideal material for the stands, since it is very important that the stands are stable and will not move when a sensor is hit during a test.
Innovation and Quality – two cornerstones of Elite Test & Training.